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Mechanical Design Engineer in Surrey BC

Mechanical Engineering is the workhorse department of Voltas Engineering. Ranging from something as small as radiant heating in a floor, to the complete HVAC of a 56,000-square-foot building, Voltas Engineering does it all.


We do a variety of mechanical engineering drafting and work, including the consulting phase. We pioneered some of the first dust collection systems in Canada while also excelling at the design and implementation of spray booth systems, grease interceptors, HVAC heating and cooling systems), HEPA filtration systems, commercial kitchen designs, and anything to do with the engineering design of products and buildings. With this expertise, we also opened a dedicated plumbing department with life safety systems and sump pump solutions. You will struggle to find any other firm more well-rounded than us here at Voltas Engineering.


With over 3000 projects completed and over 50 on the go right now, we at Voltas have the means, the expertise, and the turnaround to have your project completed quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, correctly.


Meticulously crafted and refined, all of the work that we do at Voltas is full of pride and passion. When working with us, we make sure that all of your requests are addressed, all of your questions are answered, and all of your projects are successful. If there is anything we can do, please let us know, and we will be delighted to help out. Contact us at 604 593 2293 or request a quote through our online application form.