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Imagine that your home produces as much power as it consumes, allowing you to not pay any energy bills… Voltas Engineering can help you achieve this! Further, we can also help you achieve energy grants and subsidies to lower the cost even more. This is in addition to an increase in quality of life for yourself, your family, and your friends.

‘Net Zero Homes’ is the new gold standard for Energy Efficiency in Canada. Net Zero homes work foremost on increasing the efficiency of your home. Energy efficient appliances, hot water on command units, tighter building quality, higher standards of insulation, HVAC recovery systems, draft reduction, and much more contribute to this overall standard. With all solar options being high performance in this decade, Solar Power then bridges the gap to bring you to net zero.

As an additional benefit, by creating your own clean energy, you are independent to the regional power grid – this means no more energy bills, no more power outages, and even the ability to put some power back into the grid allowing for an extra boost in income.

Keeping in mind the aforementioned efficiency upgrades that you can do in your new construction or renovation (which can be paid for with grants and subsidies), a more overlooked part of this would be the increase in quality of life. With fresh air efficiency HVAC designs from Voltas Engineering, you can seal out allergens and air pollution, allowing for a healthier living or working experience. Further, the with such a high build quality and separation from the outdoors, Noise Mitigation from the outdoors is drastically improved. No more Sunday morning lawnmowers, no more garbage trucks waking you up, and no more fireworks scaring the dogs!

With one of the best in-house Energy Advisors in the whole Lower Mainland, Voltas Engineering is more than capable of creating a quality long lasting design for a high-efficiency Net Zero Home. We are also very familiar with all BC Hydro grants, in addition for municipal, provincial, and federal subsidies; these can help to put more money back in your pocket, while also providing you value in the long run.

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It was a remarkable experience with ‘Voltas Engineering’ where the team guided me very well throughout the process. They have keen knowledge and experience in their field.

Parul Chauhan

Ever since I spoke to Voltas team, I got full support from them; they have helped me a lot. Because of the tremendous service provided by them, I have referred many of my friends to them. I will be referring more in the future for sure.

Arun Punjabi