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Dust Collection

When working in any situation, employee safety is often the single most important factor to take into account. If employees do not feel safe, they will not be inclined to work – simple as that. As engineers, we have a sworn oath to ensure public safety, as well as the safety of all members of our community. An air quality improvement system, otherwise known as dust collection device, can help to mitigate potential and known hazards within the workplace.


As a business owner, it is the responsibility of the site supervisor to ensure the safety of the employees. When working with foreign airborne particles such as saw dust, drywall dust, or even asbestos in worst case scenarios, a dedicated dust collection system or dust suppression system can be the difference maker between a safe workplace and a hazardous one.


Voltas has been a leader in the dust collection industry since its inception in 2008. From custom designed systems for cabinet shops, to general industry wide practice for door manufacturers, Voltas has been recommending, designing, and facilitating dust collection systems for years. As we consider ourself mechanical engineering experts, we only work with other industry experts to ensure that our implementation of system is efficient performance wise, while simultaneously also being Energy Efficient too.


Meticulously crafted and refined, all of the work that we do at Voltas is full of pride and passion. When working with us, we make sure that all of your requests are addressed, all of your questions are answered, and all of your projects are successful. If there is anything we can do, please let us know and we will be delighted to help out. Contact us at 604 593 2293, or request a quote through our online application form.

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