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Grease traps and grease interceptors are essential in commercial kitchen operations. At the most basic level, a grease interceptor separates grease, oils, and fats that would otherwise clog pipes – strata and municipal alike. Ranging from your neighborhood sandwich shop with a grease trap to an entire sports stadium with a grease interceptor, the implementation of at least one of those is necessary.


The main difference between a trap and an interceptor is the flow rate that it can handle; a grease trap is better suited for small-scale operations such as a local restaurant or diner. The trap is about the same size as a microwave, can handle 10–20 liters of load per minute, and must be serviced daily or weekly to remove the collected grease/oils/fats. Moving onto the larger scale, grease interceptors are the size of small cars to shipping containers. They can handle well over 50 liters per minute and even go into the hundreds if needed. These are serviced and emptied by professional teams monthly or as needed. Think football stadiums, amusement parks, and major city hotels.


The main aim of these incredibly useful machines is to mitigate the disruption of sewer and storm systems, while still ensuring the safe disposal of grease, fats, oils, and other possible biohazardous materials. Tying into our mechanical department and plumbing department, we at Voltas can ensure the smooth and silky running of any commercial application you may have.

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