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Voltas Engineering is proud to offer electrical load calculations for existing buildings and homes. A complex service made easy by Voltas, existing load calculations are done by tallying the energy consumption of all fixtures and appliances plus additional plugged-in items, and determining if that amount reaches 80% usage of the total load able to be provided by the building’s electrical main. Anything above that 80% usage ratio runs the risk of failure of components, unsafe practices, and danger to health.


When looking at new commercial buildings, Voltas will work closely with you to determine your needs based on what you are planning on doing, in addition to having the experience to intercept and mitigate common problems that may occur. Knowing that our clients are hardworking and subject to stresses outside of their control, Voltas works tirelessly to ensure the smooth running of your electrical systems through well-thought-out planning and design; that’s one less thing to worry about in the long run!


Voltas can step in here and accurately calculate what the available capacity is, and how much of it is being used up by current products. Further, in an effort to save your hard-earned money, Voltas knows how to increase energy efficiency while helping you obtain grants and subsidies.


Houses built pre-1980 rarely have anything higher than 60 amps available to the main switchboard, and at that time, that was more than adequate. As modern construction and appliances started to be more and more demanding with energy consumption, the average capacity reached the 100 Amp mark. With modern homes casually having 200 Amp capacities, and larger homes with air conditioners and electric heating units needing at least 320 amps to run, 400 Amp boards are now regularly available. This may seem very complicated, and truth be told it is quite an important step to complete when thinking about upgrading appliances or moving into a new home or business. Voltas can help to ensure that the electrical system is not overloading, avoiding potential danger and outages.

Voltas Engineering has extensive knowledge of the electrical engineering systems in and around Vancouver, and our team focuses on making quality, well-thought-out plans for every project. We problem-solve at every corner, as we are a true-stop shop! Contact us now for your electrical engineering needs, or request a quote here!

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