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A drain tile is an essential part of any well-planned building or engineering project. Ranging from parking lots to multi-unit apartments, all construction projects can benefit from a drain tile.


A drain tile is a perforated, flexible pipe, surrounded by gravel running throughout the base layers of a project. It acts as an “underground trench,”  leading ground and stormwater away from the foundation or base into the sump pump pit using gravity. The layout typically consists of pipe laid around the perimeter of the foundation footings, as well as single lengths near storm drains and drainage channels.


Yet another reason that a drain tile would be beneficial, is its ability to protect future investments. Drain tiles ensure that the slow degradation of soils and pavements doesn’t occur, in addition to resisting groundwater from seeping into basements and other low-lying areas. Drain tile installation, in addition to good damp-proofing, allows for the highest chance of making sure that basements or underground constructions do not get pre-mature degradation. This can help ensure the safety of future generations.


Voltas Engineering has extensive knowledge in the design and implementation of drain tiles in and around Vancouver, and our team focuses on making quality, well-thought-out plans for every project. We problem-solve at every corner – Contact us now for your drain tile needs! Request a quote through our online application form now.

According to the BC Building Code, drain tile installation is a necessity, especially within BC and the Lower Mainland’s wet climate.

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