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Plumbing is one of the oldest forms of mechanical engineering. Starting with ancient civilizations, agricultural irrigation was the earliest form of plumbing. Soon after, aqueducts, public baths, and even wastewater management started to creep into Egyptian, Roman, and Victorian architecture and infrastructure, respectively.


Building on these humble beginnings, Voltas Engineering has a dedicated department assigned to plumbing design. We are proud to say we are at least a few steps ahead of the 2500-year-old irrigation techniques used by the ancient Egyptians, but simple enough that any quality tradesmen can effectively implement our intuitive designs.


Specializing in townhomes, commercial systems, fire sprinklers, and residential applications, Voltas Engineering is committed to providing long-lasting plumbing solutions to you and your individual needs. We also have our own in-house plumbing system designers, including a dedicated sump pump draftsman and designer. We also do in-depth bathroom plumbing design and layout, and we do commercial fire sprinkler design in addition to residential fire sprinkler design. This goes hand in hand with our life safety systems as well.


Meticulously crafted and refined, all of the work that we do at Voltas is full of pride and passion. When working with us, we make sure that all of your requests are addressed, all of your questions are answered, and all of your projects are successful. If there is anything we can do, please let us know, and we will be delighted to help out. Contact us at 604-593-2293, or request a quote through our online application form.


Commercial Building

Project Name: Chevron, Silverdale Crossing

Civic Address: 29550/60-Lougheed Highway, Mission, BC

61-Unit Town Homes

Project Name: Aqua

Civic Address: 1188 Main Street, Squamish, BC

24 Unit Mixed Development

Project Name: IK Homes

Civic Address: 20901-83rd Avenue, Langley, BC

Shopping Mall

Project Name: South City Shopping Mall

Civic Address: 3051 – King George Blvd. Surrey BC

Commercial Manufacturing Building

Project Name: Oasis Windows

Civic Address: 19025 – 52 Avenue, Surrey, BC

61 Town House & Condominium

Project Name: Walk

Civic Address: 12091- 70 Ave, Surrey BC

Commercial Building

Project Name: Diverse city

Civic Address: 13455 – 76 Ave. Surrey BC

6 Storey, 71 units Apartment/Townhouse Development

Project Name:

Civic Address: 13491-13493 94A Ave, 135 Street, Surrey, BC

4 Storey, 71 units Mixed Use Development

Project Name: Dream Castle Homes

Civic Address: 5959, 144 Street, Surrey, BC

70,000 Sq. Ft. Food Processing Plant

Project Name: Fresh Start Foods

Civic Address: 11188, Featherstone way, Richmond, BC

Mixed Use Development

Project Name:

Civic Address: 444, Trans Canada Highway, Hope, BC

39-Units Townhouse

Project Name:

Civic Address: 19681 – 80 Avenue, Langley, BC

64 Unit Townhouses

Project Name: OakCrest

Civic Address: 11556 72A Avenue, Delta, BC

6 Residential Units

Project Name:

Civic Address: 22356 48 Avenue Langley, BC

18 Unit Townhouses

Project Name:

Civic Address: 6989, 204 Street, Langley BC

56 Room Hotel

Project Name: Quality Inn

Civic Address: 1859 Trans Canada Highway Revelstoke, BC

8-Unit Stackhouse

Project Name:

Civic Address: 2663 Duke Street, Vancouver, BC

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