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Street Lights

Street lights provide the safety and security we as Canadians depend on. In addition to this, street lighting is an effective way to maintain visibility in all areas, whether it’s high-density residential housing or long stretches of farm roads. At Voltas Engineering, we have many “bright ideas” when it comes to street lighting projects.


We maximize light exposure while minimizing energy consumption and cost and maintaining code requirements. Long-distance visibility is a valuable gift in the winter months, when the sun sets early and children are coming home from school. Especially in our dark, cold, and wet climate, this visibility is a must at all times.


Illuminating a development is essential as it allows the safe use of an area by residents, pedestrians, and all those traveling through the area. Further, with the right types of light, and the right coordination, the perceived value of a neighborhood can also increase. Mood lamp lighting can create an environment of exclusivity, illustrating the beauty of the surroundings well into the night. Voltas Engineering’s Electrical Department has the ability to follow local codes, create energy-efficient streetlamp maps, and integrate life safety systems into the grid as well.


As an additional benefit, Voltas Engineering is familiar with BC Hydro and its particulars; because of this advanced relationship with them, we are comfortable communicating and coordinating designs with them to ensure maximum cooperation.

With one of the best in-house Electrical Engineers in the whole Lower Mainland, Voltas Engineering is more than capable of creating a quality, long-lasting design for a high-efficiency street lamp map. As mentioned throughout our website, Voltas Engineering has completed over 3000 projects, so rest assured we know what we are doing! Contact us at 604-593-2293, or request a quote through our online application form.

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Parul Chauhan

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