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We at Voltas have some of the strongest industry relationships with the most important associations in the related field

ASHRAE: The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers. As members, we follow their prescribed systems and independent industry expertise to better our own understanding and command of knowledge in the field.

TECA: Thermal Environmental Comfort Association
Based in Surrey, this association vows to uphold and keep the highest standards of heating and cooling infrastructure. We know how beautiful British Columbia is, as TECA helps to ensure that the air we breathe is just as beautiful, without harming the environment around us.

NFPA: National Fire Protection Association
The National Fire Protection Association is an agency with over a century of experience. When looking at Life Protection Systems, Sprinkler Systems, or anything to do with life threating disasters and hazards within the built up world, NFPA code and advice is the last word in safety.

HEPA: High Efficiency Particulate Air [Filter]
HEPA is the Gold Standard in air filtration system. Coined in the 1950’s, HEPA ensures that 99.95% of all airborne contaminants, whether living or not, vapour or not, commercial or not, all get captured collected, and cared for properly without causing further harm to any living organisms.

IEEE: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
As the IEEE’s slogan goes, “Advancing Technology for Humanity” is their goal. The ‘eye-triple-E’ is an international association dedicated to increasing the ability of the human race to prosper with the tools, technology and innovation that we have had up until this point. Their innovation helps us utilized the highest efficiency and standards, while ensuring generations of innovation yet to still come.

BCBC: British Columbia Building Code
The BC Building Code is the base of any building or alteration done within British Columbia. This is the minimum standard for building safety and is the benchmark for all work done within BC. Voltas continues to strive well beyond the minimums provided within these codes, ensuring that all the work we do satisfies not only the Building Code for years to come, but also public safety to the highest degree possible.

It was a remarkable experience with ‘Voltas Engineering’ where the team guided me very well throughout the process. They have keen knowledge and experience in their field.

Parul Chauhan

Ever since I spoke to Voltas team, I got full support from them; they have helped me a lot. Because of the tremendous service provided by them, I have referred many of my friends to them. I will be referring more in the future for sure.

Arun Punjani