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Reasons You Need a Dust Collection System at Commercial Space

A dust collection system is a machine that removes particulate contaminants from the air that are present in the form of dirt, dust, debris, and gases. It is usually used at industrial, commercial, or production shops. This system is used to improve air quality.

The main types of dust are dry particles such as sawdust, metal filings, and paper fibers; liquid particles such as water vapor or oil mist; and airborne particulate matter such as pollen or mold spores.

How does a dust collection system work?

A dust collection system design in Surrey BC sucks air from the outside environment and then processes it through the filtration of the system so that particulate matter can be deposited in the collection chamber. After the whole process is filtered, air can return to the outside environment. If there is too much dust in the premises, it will not be able to push all out into the filter and will need to be cleaned more often.


The dust collection system is made up of the following components:

– A suction fan that pulls air from the bottom of the unit and blows it into the room.

– A cyclone separator that separates large particles from small particles.

– An air filter to remove any remaining particles from the air.

– A blower motor that pushes air through ducts to ventilate rooms

Types of the dust collection system

Wet Scrubber Dust Collector System

This system uses water droplets to capture dust particles. With the gradual process of dust collection in this form particle size becomes large and thus it is easier to eliminate them. The system works by installing 2 whirling blades that rotate in the opposite direction. Blades pull outside air into the system and then saturate them with water.

Cyclone Separator

It uses centrifugal force to separate particulates that are larger than 10 microns in size from the air stream and deposit them into the collection bin through airflow.

Cartridge Dust Separator

Cartridge dust collectors are modular, and compact in shape and are used to collect fine dust particles. There are 2 different forms of cartridge dust separators in some systems they hung vertically while in others they hung horizontally.

Shaker Dust Collector

A Shaker dust collector is like a bag house unit, and it is connected by ductwork to a small number of machines. It works by shaking the filter to release the particles into the hopper, and the whole system operates in a compartmentalized way.

Electrostatic Precipitator

It works by removing dust particles from the air stream by using electrical energy and charging them either positively or negatively. After that, they accumulate on the collecting plate and the particles are removed by vibration. It works effectively with large airflow.

Benefits of Having a Dust Collection System


Wherever there is a presence of a large amount of dust and gas in the industrial area there will be a potential fire risk. Having a dust collector system, especially with features of a fire arrestor can reduce the chances of getting fire.

Dust Explosion

A dust explosion is a common issue, especially while construction or renovation is going on. With the presence of a dust collection system, it soaks outdoor air and then passes it through a filtration process to prevent dust explosion.

Odor Removal

With a constant circulation of air in the dust collection system it gets refreshed which helps in the reduction of odor. When polluted air is circulated carbon impregnated filters remove the contaminants that they create.

Improves Health

Having a dust collection system will help keep the air clean by removing the dust particles that can cause various problems like eye irritation, asthma, sneezing, coughing, long tissue swelling, and throat irritation. The continuous presence of dust around the surroundings can be even life-threatening for individuals who are already suffering from any problem.

Saves Time

Cleaning up dust and debris from industrial premises can take up a lot of time. They get spread in every direction and then stick to the surface of clothes, materials, and equipment. Having a dust collection system in place saves plenty of time by reducing dust and small debris.

Increases the lifespan of the Equipment

Dust collection systems help prevent the breaking down of other machinery and equipment. Thus it increases the longevity of equipment and decreases the maintenance required.

Reducing Future Investments

Having a dust collection system in place saves money with expensive cleanup costs and also reduces the amount of water required to use for cleaning up dirt & debris. Thus, it’s a way to reduce future investments by industrialists.

Dust Collector Care Tips

  • Industrial areas are often filled with dust, debris, and other particles that can be hazardous to the health of workers. To ensure their safety, it is important to regularly clean and maintain the filters of dust collectors in these areas. It will boost efficiency and reduce downtime of the system.
  • Regularly noting the differential pressure reading to check and maintain the health of the system. Although reading can fluctuate with the new system after some time it will reach a steady state of operation.
  • Dust collector hoppers should be emptied regularly. Material collection in the hopper will create turbulence, disrupt airflow, abrade filters, impede performance, and in some cases, create a dust hazard.
  • Observe emissions from the exhaust stack. If there is any leakage it can cause health issues and property damage. If it is found it should be repaired immediately.
  • Regularly inspected diaphragm valves can ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the system. A worn or leaking diaphragm will cause a waste of compressed air.
  • Regular leak testing should be done by professionals. It helps in reducing the premature failure of the system.
  • The presence of exhaust fans provides a source of ventilation. It is recommended that exhaust fans should be inspected quarterly. Signs that the dust collector system might need a repair are variance in standard operation, unusual vibrations, and periodic squealing.
  • Ducts are the major parts of the collector system and must be kept clean. If there is the presence of particulates it can choke the system. Regular inspection of the ductwork ensures that adequate velocities and necessary pressure are maintained.