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HVAC Design System: Factors to Choosing HVAC System

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. HVAC systems are mostly used in different types of buildings such as industrial, commercial, residential, and institutional to control the indoor temperature and air quality. Even in submarines, you can find HVAC systems as they provide the means for environmental comfort.

In this cutting-edge world, HVAC systems are high in demand as these systems play an imperative role to improve the indoor air quality by using fresh outdoor air, thus providing you better indoor quality by eradicating moisture, smoke, smells, heat, dust, and hazardous gasses, Carbon Monoxide; Formaldehyde; Radon, for instance. HVAC systems are also conducive to stabilizing the oxygen levels as they provide temperature control. Today, HVAC systems are automated so you don’t have to adjust the time settings of each Equipment.

Working of HVAC systems

HVAC Design System

HVAC systems have three primary interrelated functions to keep the space comfy. HVAC systems provide heat, ventilation, and cooling to the whole place including heat pumps, furnaces, ductwork, air conditioners, thermostats, etc.

What is new in Contemporary HVAC systems?

If we talk about contemporary HVAC systems in the market today, they are built and designed to be energy-efficiently and user-friendly. With the latest features, better performance, and durability they perform exceptionally well as compared to older models. Voltas Engineering Ltd. is one of the top HVAC Contractors who can provide you with modern HVAC design services in Surrey BC.

Top five factors while choosing an HVAC system

1. Efficiency

Energy efficiency is predominantly an important factor as it will affect your monthly electricity budget. Make sure that you choose an energy-efficient HVAC system to dwindle your electricity bill. If you are going to buy a new HVAC unit, check to see its ENERGY STAR efficiency rating. Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, for example, which is also called SEER, must be checked. Anything with a SEER of 14.5 or above is deemed a high-efficiency system.

You must also consider other ratings such as the HSPF, EER, and AFUE. The Heating Seasonal Performance factor (HSPF) covers the heating process of heat pumps. A high-efficiency system should have an HSPF of 8.2 or higher. The AFUE measures how efficiently a furnace converts fuel to heat.

2. Price

You should buy an HVAC system according to your budget. Considering other factors as well, such as energy efficiency and durability, there are many options available in the market. However, in the long run, costlier systems are considered more cost-effective as they consume a limited amount of energy.

3. The Unit’s Capacity

Choose a system that can effectively cool the area and provide heat as required. Check the unit’s specifications thoroughly and calculate whether it will be able to heat up and cool down the space properly.

The HVAC system’s capacity is measured with British Thermal Units (BTUs). The higher the BTU rating, the greater the capacity.

4. Maintenance

The most important aspect of a warranty is peace of mind. A warranty can save you a lot of time and headache and gives you peace of mind. Mostly, some parts and repairs are covered with a default warranty while buying a new one. Spend some time comparing manufacturers’ and contractors’ warranties and then choose the right HVAC system.

With dozens of HVAC models and systems in the market, deciding on the best one as per your specific needs can be difficult for many. You must not choose the superior models, but the one which is good for your place.

5. Warranties

HVAC systems require regular maintenance to make sure it provides optimum performance. So, it is imperative to buy a cost-effective system that requires less maintenance.

In addition, while buying an HVAC system you must ask for a package that combines repair discounts with regular inspections and discounts on repairs.

Getting expert help

If you are not fully aware of the HVAC systems, it will be an admirable decision to engage with a professional for help. Voltas Engineering Ltd. provides high-quality HVAC Design services in Surrey, BC. After a proper inspection of your space’s interior and exterior, air quality, the load of your place’s duct system, and numerous other factors, Voltas Engineering’s specialist will recommend to you the model and size suitable for your space. To avail of our HVAC Design Services in Surrey BC, you can email us at


So, in this article, we have discussed HVAC systems, their working, and important factors to choose HVAC systems. The HVAC system plays a major role in the Ventilation of the space. So, ponder a little and choose a propitious one.