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What is HVAC System? Types, Working Principle, Cost

So what is an HVAC System? And how does it work? What are the major types of HVAC systems? All we’ll discuss in this article. So let’s get started:

The term HVAC is abbreviated as Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. It is the technology based on the principle of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and heat transfer. The major goal of this technology is to provide thermal comfort and acceptable interior fresh air quality. It’s sometimes abbreviated as HVACR.

Top 5 Reasons Why HVAC is Important?


As HVAC is an essential part of family homes, hotels, apartment buildings, large skyscrapers and Hospitals and vehicles such as cars, ships, airplanes and also in marine environments where safe and good buildings conditions are controlled with respect to temperature and humidity.

HVAC systems are mainly responsible for the regulation of hotness, wind current, ventilation, and cooling of a whole structure. You will not see the machines when you enter the building yet you will assuredly feel the impacts of a comfortable and well-ventilated workplace.

Here are the top 5 reasons listed below that why are the business owners prefer to have an HVAC systems in their workplace buildings.

1. A proper and rightly maintained HVAC system is one of the best investments for any business or building owner because it saves energy. With advancement in technology, HVAC systems are automated today. This means you don’t have to interfere anymore to adjust the time settings of the each machine.

2. HVAC systems manage the general environment in the building space. They additionally make the appropriate changes at whatever point we experience changes in open air temperature. During the winter season, the HVAC frameworks (principally the boilers or radiators) work to keep the indoor temperature at an comfortable level. In hotter times of the period, the HVAC frameworks control air temperature by giving the essential cooling to keep the whole building comfortable.

3. HVAC systems not just direct the temperature inside the building; they likewise work on the nature of air. The nature of air relates to humidity, and an average HVAC framework will diminish the measure of moistness noticeable all around so your workers and representatives can keep partaking in a comfortable and pleasant environment at work.

4. Having a decent office environment expands the degree of productivity and builds assurance among the laborers and the employees.  If you let your employees work in settings helpful for work, they will clearly be persuaded to perform better on the grounds that they feel great in their workplace. No worker will enjoy working in an office where it is freezing, or in an office where you every now and again need to overlook your sweat just to zero in on your PC screen. Having an appropriate HVAC framework introduced is ensured to happy your employees, thus, giving you better work results in return.

5. Automated HVAC frameworks can likewise tell when your workers or employees are as of now not in the building structure. It will then, at that point, naturally decline the measure of energy used to keep up with legitimate indoor temperatures.

HVAC Applications

If we talk about the applications of the HVAC system then there’re a lot of practical applications that we’re going to discuss here.

1. HVAC plays a major role in the construction of high rise building structure, complex, industrial unit, hospitals and parking units etc. where the quality of the air and the thermal parameters that need to be properly managed so that individuals around can live properly.

2. HVAC systems are also used in Chillers that are generally utilized in enormous business or industrial complexes to give low-temperature water to their different applications. A blower is utilized as a cooling vehicle for heat exchange. As water is of large density and volume when contrasted with air, the parts utilized are bigger in size when contrasted with the ones utilized in AHU.

3. HVAC systems have a major role in water-source heat pumps that provide considerable energy saving for huge buildings under severe cold weather. The working of different zones can be molded by a few individual heat pumps since each heat pump can be controlled by the zone control. A concentrated water flow loop can be utilized as a heat source and hotness sink for heat pumps. In this manner, heat pumps can go about as the primary source of heating and cooling. The principal drawback is the absence of air ventilation like the all-water frameworks as in fan coil units.

4. HVAC system has also major role in Local Ventilation system that can be a forced activation system by using devices such as window fan to activate air movement between outdoor and single zone.


So, we’ve discussed a little about what a HVAC system is? And why it’s important. We’ve also highlighted that what can be the practical applications for HVAC .

This article presents all the kinds of HVAC frameworks. HVAC systems have a few some prerequisites including essential hardware like heating equipment, cooling equipment, and conveyance hardware; space requirement like HVAC facilities, HVAC room, and vertical shaft; air dispersion; and piping.