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Importance and Principles of Fire Sprinklers

Do you work in a factory or departmental store?

Do you own a departmental store, factory or any property with higher chances of fire bursting? Then the fire is obviously your biggest enemy. God forbid that this happens but still prepare your property with fire sprinklers. The flames can cover your workplace in seconds.

A lot of damage can happen like an unwanted explosion that can occur at the workplace which can be devastating, and workplace resources can burn into ashes.

So, it’s compulsory to have a fire-fighting system that can immediately take control of the fire. It is something like a bell on the roof that puts out a fire automatically, when fire burst.

Here, we’re going to discuss a system which is known as the Fire Sprinklers System. We will try to be clear about what Fire sprinklers are and on which principles it is based?

fire sprinklers systems

Basic Mechanism of a Fire Sprinkler System

A fire sprinkler system is basically a fire protection system that is designed to overcome sudden fire in-home or apartments, big factories, etc.

A fire sprinkler system is a system that consists of a water supply system, providing appropriate pressure to flow rate, and a water distribution piping system on which sprinklers are connected.

How does the Fire Sprinkler System Work?

Let’s get in-depth about the mechanism of the fire sprinkler system.

Basic Operation

A closed head fire sprinkler is held closed by a heat-sensitive glass bulb or two-part metal links closely held together with an alloy that is fusible. So, the glass bulb places pressure on a pipe cap which acts as a plug that saves water from flowing until a suitable temperature reaches the activation sensor of the sprinkler head.

A typical sprinkler is utilized for industrial manufacturing occupancies, discharges about 75–150 liters/min (20–40 US gallons/min). Yet, a distinctive Early Suppression Fast (quick) Response (ESFR) sprinkler at a pressure of 50 psi (340 kPa) will discharge approx. 380 Liters/m (100 US gal/min).

In addition, a sprinkler will generally activate within 1-4 minutes of the fire’s bursting., and it takes at least five minutes for a fire department to register an alarm and drive to the fireplace, and an extra ten minutes to set up equipment and apply hose streams to the fire. This extra time can result in a much larger fire, requiring much more water and effort.

A sprinkler system is a web of pipes through the ceiling of a building holding water under pressure. Each sprinkler is a kind of valve a hole in the pipe through which water will shower on the flames.

In a sprinkler, the hand-operated faucet is restored by a heat-sensitive plug designed to open automatically when a fire breaks out. In some sprinklers, the plug is made up of an alloy called Wood’s metal, a compound of bismuth, lead, tin, and cadmium that melts at a relatively lesser temperature. In other sprinklers, the plug is a small glass bulb full of a glycerin-based liquid designed to enlarge and explode when it gets hot. The basic concept of fire sprinklers is that a plug is meant to break and open the sprinkler as soon as a fire breaks out.

Benefits of A Fire Sprinkler System

In any apartment or building. There is always a great risk of being caught in the fire which is a serious issue to consider. The fire brigade team can only do so much after the space has already been ignited, that’s why it’s important to have some kind of fire protection system.

If you’re looking to find a reliable method of sudden fire protection at home or apartments then you can consider the option of installation of fire sprinkler systems at home.

Overcome the Risk of Death

God forbid that someday if there’s a sudden firing at your workplace, what would you do? Well, it’s not easy to think and find the solution when you get into such a situation.

Obviously, an individual will just make a call to the fire brigade team without wasting time. But think about it again, by the time the fire brigade team reaches the spot, many lives would have been in danger. So, its simple solution is “Installation of a Fire Sprinklers System”. Even without an emergency exit, fire sprinkler systems can help to create a clear path so people can escape safely without having any serious injuries.

Negligible Maintenance

Most sorts of sprinklers require next to no maintenance and they regularly keep moving along as planned with just their yearly check. Most installers likewise offer support checks more than once per year where they will test the worth so perceive how the framework is working.

Reduce Risk of Property Damage

Some business owners, with an end goal to set aside a little cash, will not put resources into the best fire sprinkler system. However, investing into a sprinkler framework can really get a good deal on insurance payments over the long haul, and also safeguard a business from genuine fire harm.


If we talk about the cost of the fire sprinkler system then compared to the other fire control methods, sprinkler systems are one the most cost-effective ways to save your living space (Home, Apartments, etc.) and you.

It costs a couple of percent overall property value.

Build Property Value

It could be worth it if you ever sell your property. Properties using fire sprinklers are a much more attractive purchase for any type of buyer.